Island - a tram for the future

Island - a tram for the future
Island - a tram for the future

Italian designer Andrea Ponti has unveiled a double-decker unmanned tramway designed for the streets of Hong Kong in the post-coronavirus era. The innovative tram project, called Island, which means "island", is based on the principles of social distancing. Like islands, the seats are located in the saloon. As a result, passengers sit in a circle and do not look at each other, which makes it easier to maintain their distance.

Island tram

In addition, the design is inspired by traditional Hong Kong double-decker trams - double decker - and the local urban landscape with wide glass facades and rounded corners of buildings. Daylight enters the cabin through curved windows and a domed roof, which also provide spectacular views at night.

Autonomous driving technology optimizes the interior of the tram, making it easier to manage travel time and improve safety on board. The tram has a retractable roof connector for fast charging at stops.

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The interior is minimalist, and the charcoal black walls, soft round seats, wood floors and natural materials create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the cabin. The project also includes the design of the stops, open on both sides, and again with minimalism in mind.

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