BMW Motorrad Concept brings back sidecar bikes

BMW Motorrad Concept brings back sidecar bikes
BMW Motorrad Concept brings back sidecar bikes

Notice how creative designers are when creating electric motorcycles? Each is unique in its own way, and our current favorite, the BMW Motorrad concept electric bike, is no exception. It was created by Valencia-based designer Iago Valino, who was inspired by custom motorcycles from El Solitario workshop. And the aesthetics of the bike are inspired by the iconic Ural motorcycles, to which Soviet engineers have added their own take on BMW traditions.

Bmw motorrad

How is this electric motorcycle different from the rest? It replaced the traditional passenger stroller with a removable trolley for transporting tools and equipment. This is an additional space for transport and storage, including straps to hold the transported cargo and tools. In addition, there is a place here to place additional batteries. The motorcycle is powered by 18.7 kWh rechargeable batteries, including those in the sidecar.

This electric motorcycle is designed for long distance rides and is not afraid of any difficulties that may come along the way. For night driving on long off-road adventures, there are three LED spotlights at the front of the stroller. A screen with essential controls makes driving easier with a simple user interface.


BMW Motorrad successfully combines the nostalgia for the past with the upcoming futuristic reality.

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