Iconic Audi TT Quattro gets a new futuristic design

Iconic Audi TT Quattro gets a new futuristic design
Iconic Audi TT Quattro gets a new futuristic design

It has been 20 years since the Audi TT Quattro, presented at the beginning of the new millennium, was released. During this rather long period of time, we have witnessed a large-scale cultural shift. So today is the perfect time to reimagine the iconic car's visual identity. After all, phones in 2000 looked completely different from today's phones, right? So why should cars stay the same?

Audi TT Quattro

So get to know the Audi GT concept from British designer Jordan Gendler, conceived to embody the modern spirit of Gen Z and combine the Audi TT with the 2000s concept supercar Audi Rosemeyer. The Audi GT is reviving the classic car, giving it a form that is in line with the modern era and a new generation of consumers.

The Audi GT concept has the same rounded design cues that we saw in the TT Quattro. There are a few key evolutionary changes though that keep the GT concept looking stunningly modern. For example, hidden headlights recessed into the recess that surrounds the vehicle. The concept has thinner, sharper and more insightful headlights and taillights in the spirit of 2020, in contrast to the "wide open eyes" with their unabashed optimism that the Audi TT showed us in the 2000s.

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The GT also features a curving roofline that differentiates the concept from the TT Quattro with its classic car silhouette. Here we see rather the influence of the Audi Rosemeyer concept. The car is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, which continuously stretches across the entire body and gives it the signature futuristic charm, and, of course, a neat glowing Audi logo on the hood. Where without it!

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