MIMIC - if Black Panther had a motorcycle

MIMIC - if Black Panther had a motorcycle
MIMIC - if Black Panther had a motorcycle

Russian designer Roman Dolzhenko presented the MIMIC electric bike concept. The bike has a rounded shape inspired by the Tron Light Cycle, with rounded elements and no straight lines or sharp edges. The MIMIC looks more like an armored motorcycle than a light bike. It seems to be the perfect vehicle for Black Panther, the superhero from the Marvel comics. The electric bike has an aggressive curved shape, which really resembles the figure of a panther.


At the front, the MIMIC has two LED lights that almost look like a pair of menacing eyes, as well as a dashboard that sits flush with the surface of the curved body.

Other notable details of the concept include a console seat, an inverted steering wheel with brake levers facing the driver, and a triple hexagon logo on the front and rear wheels - a detail that pays homage to Daniel Simon, the Tron Light Cycle designer who uses a similar hexagon. to indicate your projects.

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The concept of an electric bike was born quite by accident when Dolzhenko decided to turn the design he sketched on a napkin into a real concept car. At the same time, the project, created in haste, received a powerful response on the Web, so further development awaits it.

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