Alien Abduction Claims May Be Based on Lucid Dreaming

Alien Abduction Claims May Be Based on Lucid Dreaming
Alien Abduction Claims May Be Based on Lucid Dreaming

Russian scientists have come to the conclusion that reports of some people that they have met with aliens may turn out to be nothing more than the so-called lucid dreaming.


The work was published in the International Journal of Dream Research. It is known that some people believe that they were once abducted by aliens. And this does not mean that they have a mental illness.

Scientists from the Center for Phase Research in Moscow conducted an experiment with the participation of 152 adult volunteers and came to the conclusion that such visions can be triggered by a banal desire of a person who dreams of being abducted by aliens.

The researchers began their work by observing how many people reporting UFO sightings recount such visions as if they were some kind of dream. At the same time, some note that they experienced sensations of a certain paralysis. Therefore, scientists specially selected volunteers who told about themselves that they know how to control actions in a dream - this skill is called lucid dreaming.

The researchers asked each of the participants to try to dream of meeting with aliens. After that, they talked about their night visions. 114 volunteers actually managed to dream of such a meeting. 61 percent of them showed that the aliens from the dreams were similar to those shown in the films. Another 19 percent indicated that the unearthly race looked exactly like humans.

In addition, 12 percent talked to aliens in their dreams, and 10 percent visited their spacecraft. 24 percent of the volunteers experienced paralysis and intense fear and described the dream as very realistic. Scientists believe that all of this is similar to the sensations described by those who claim to have real UFO encounters. Therefore, they believe that such people in the same way could see aliens only in a dream.

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