The timing of the first flight of the new Russian "Doomsday aircraft"

The timing of the first flight of the new Russian "Doomsday aircraft"
The timing of the first flight of the new Russian "Doomsday aircraft"

Russian "Doomsday aircraft" of the new generation based on the Il-96-400 will take off in 2023. He must replace the aircraft of this class, created on the basis of the Il-86.


In July it became known that Russia had begun construction of a new type of “Doomsday plane”. Now "Izvestia" announced the timing of the start of flight tests of the first sample.

If plans do not change, the car will make its first flight in 2023. Factory tests will begin at the same time. These works will take a year: in 2024, the first "Doomsday aircraft" will be released for state tests. The final completion of the development is scheduled for 2027.

The lead aircraft is converted from the Il-96-400T (M) aircraft, which is owned by the Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Building Company (VASO). These elongated vehicles were built as specialized transport versions of the passenger Il-96. They had previously passed tests and received a civil certificate.

VASO has already started purchasing metal and components that will be used for the construction of the second air command post. It will be created on the basis of a newly built Il-96-400M aircraft.

The Il-96-400M is a deeply modernized version of the Il-96-300, which became the last long-range airliner created in the USSR. Among other things, this version differs from the basic modification by a radically improved cockpit.


The new "Doomsday plane" is the successor to the Soviet Il-80, which made its first flight in 1985. The machine is maximally protected from the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion. In comparison with the basic version, the aircraft lost most of the windows, but received a refueling system in the sky, as well as various additional equipment. A total of four samples were built.

Among the main differences between the new aircraft and its predecessor is the significantly increased flight range. Thanks to the modern radio complex, it is possible to transmit commands to strategic nuclear forces within a radius of six thousand kilometers. The use of communication satellites is possible.


Doomsday planes are designed to evacuate state leaders and command and control troops in the event that ground and satellite infrastructures are destroyed in the course of a war.

The United States has such machines: they are designated the E-4B Nightwatch. The aircraft were built on the basis of a passenger Boeing 747. In total, four such aircraft were produced.

We will remind, last year presented a video about how the American E-4B works.

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