A video of the crash of the newest Russian transport aircraft Il-112V was posted on the Web (Upd.)

A video of the crash of the newest Russian transport aircraft Il-112V was posted on the Web (Upd.)
A video of the crash of the newest Russian transport aircraft Il-112V was posted on the Web (Upd.)

Eyewitnesses filmed the fall of a promising Russian military transport aircraft Il-112V. According to preliminary data, everyone on board died.

Il-112V accident

The first and so far the only prototype of the newest Il-112V military transport aircraft crashed in the Moscow region. Eyewitnesses managed to capture the moment of the accident.

According to TASS, the incident occurred during the landing approach to the Kubinka airfield. Before the fall, the right engine was engulfed in flames. Then the car fell to the starboard side, began to lose speed and fell. This was followed by an explosion.

“After a fire started in the right engine, the crew tried to turn it off and make an approach maneuver according to the standard scheme with a turn to the right. For this, a roll was given to the starboard side. However, the roll for some reason turned out to be excessive, and the car lost control, "- noted, in turn, a source of" Interfax ".


There were three people on board, including the commander of the crew of the Hero of Russia Nikolai Kuimov. According to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), an appropriate commission will find out the causes of the accident.

In August, the prototype flew from the airfield of the Voronezh Joint-Stock Aircraft Building Company (VASO) to Zhukovsky. There he was supposed to participate in the Army-2021 forum, which will be held in Kubinka on August 22-28.


Il-112V is a light transport aircraft, which is conventionally referred to as a new generation. This is one of the most important projects of modern Russian aircraft construction and at the same time one of the most indicative "long-term construction".

The development of the car began in the early 2000s, and it made its first flight only in 2019. According to media reports, flight tests were repeatedly accompanied by various failures and problems with TV7-117ST engines.

Even before the launch flight, the chief designer of PJSC "IL" Nikolai Talikov said that the plane turned out to be overweight. The reason, he said, lay in the lack of trained engineering personnel.

As a reminder, earlier this year, Russia lifted a group of six An-124-100 military transport aircraft into the sky. Such training should facilitate the development of long-distance transfer of personnel of military units.

In the future, the An-124 will be replaced by a promising aircraft designated "Elephant". Last year, TsAGI conducted purge tests of a model of a new aircraft. Its design maximum load is 180 tons.

UPD: The preliminary cause of the ignition of the engine of the Il-112V aircraft, which fell in the Moscow region, was the oil that got into the combustion chamber. This was reported to TASS by a source in the emergency services.

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