A new anti-ship missile has been integrated into the armament of the Su-34

A new anti-ship missile has been integrated into the armament of the Su-34
A new anti-ship missile has been integrated into the armament of the Su-34

The Russian front-line bomber was armed with a new anti-ship missile. It can hit targets at a distance of more than 250 kilometers.

Su-34 cockpit / © militaryarms

The Su-34 front-line bomber has become even more dangerous: as Izvestia sources in the defense department reported, the plane received the Kh-35U anti-ship missile. Work on the integration of the product into the airline complex has already been completed.

The bunch has been tested for a long time in various natural and weather conditions. The final stage of the tests is the launches that the Su-34 performed in the Far East this summer. The test results were found to be successful.

The missiles were tested by the crews of the 277th Bomber Aviation Regiment, based at the Khurba airfield near Komsomolsk-on-Amur.


As noted by the interlocutors of the media, the integration of the Kh-35U into the complex began back in 2018. The flight range of the anti-ship missile is over 250 kilometers. With a mass of 550 kilograms, it has a 145-kilogram warhead. This should be enough to destroy a medium ship and seriously damage a large one.

The rocket was equipped with a combined guidance system. On the cruising phase of the flight, an inertial navigation system and a radio altimeter are involved, and when entering a given area, an active radar homing head is used.


Su-34 is a front-line bomber (the aircraft is also classified as a fighter-bomber), the development of which began in the USSR. The aircraft was created on the basis of the Su-27 as a replacement for the aging Su-24. Compared to its predecessor, the aircraft has wider capabilities - in particular, the conduct of air combat.

The machine made its first flight on April 13, 1990 and has come a long way of upgrades, improvements and improvements. Finally, in 2014, it began to be exploited. Since then, the Su-34 has become one of the main combat vehicles of the Aerospace Forces: as of 2020, more than 120 such aircraft have been produced.

The development of the project was the Su-34M. The modernized version will receive universal reconnaissance containers, created as a result of the Sych development work. This will make it possible to more effectively identify both ground and air targets. The first Su-34M aircraft of the Aerospace Forces should be received by the end of the year.

In addition to improving existing machines, fundamentally new aircraft are being actively developed in Russia. Earlier it became known that a prototype of a promising new generation strategic bomber, created under the PAK DA program, will be assembled by 2023.

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