It became known what awaits the Il-112V program

It became known what awaits the Il-112V program
It became known what awaits the Il-112V program

According to the data presented, in 2022, two new Il-112V aircraft, No. 103 and No. 104, will be connected to flight tests. The first flight prototype of the aircraft crashed yesterday.

IL-112V / © rostec

Yesterday's crash of the Il-112V made specialists talk again about the future of the "problem" aircraft. And today a TASS source in the aircraft industry told what to expect from the program next year.

“After establishing the causes of the Il-112V catastrophe in the Moscow region, flight tests are planned to continue. It is planned to connect two aircraft in 2022 - No. 103 and No. 104, "the agency quotes him as saying.

The crashed plane was the only flight prototype of the Il-112V. In addition to him, one machine was built for static tests.

Obviously, it is too early to speak with certainty about the causes of the accident. The shots shown show how the right engine of the plane engulfs the flame, after which the car loses speed, rolls over to its side and falls. A source in the emergency services named oil that got into the combustion chamber as a preliminary cause of the fire. It also became known that the plane could fall into a tailspin due to the failure of the propeller feathering system.

IL-112V was criticized long before the accident. According to the chief designer of PJSC "IL" Nikolai Talikov, the lack of trained personnel led to the fact that the car turned out to be overweight. This required a reduction in weight due to "minor structural elements".

As a result, the aircraft, which began to be created in the early 2000s, took to the skies only the year before last. At the same time, during the flight tests, according to the information in the media, there were various difficulties. They, in particular, concerned the TV7-117ST engine.


In case of successful development, the new aircraft will replace the An-24 and An-26 aircraft, which are already outdated.

The Il-112V is not the only military transport aircraft project that is currently being developed in Russia. A heavy "Elephant" is planned to replace the An-124, the maximum load is 180 tons. The cruising speed of the car should be 850 kilometers per hour. The power plant will be based on four promising PD-35 aircraft engines.

The project is still at an early stage. In November 2019, TsAGI announced the start of work on aerodynamic blowing of a scale model. And last year the institute completed the first cycle of its aerodynamic tests.

It should be said that Russia has embarked on the stage of active implementation of another ambitious program - PAK DA. In the coming years, the first prototype of a promising strategic stealth bomber will be built.

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