Russia wants to create a large flying aircraft carrier based on the Il-76

Russia wants to create a large flying aircraft carrier based on the Il-76
Russia wants to create a large flying aircraft carrier based on the Il-76

Russia may acquire a flying aircraft carrier based on the Il-76 heavy military transport aircraft. He will use UAVs "Lightning", capable of solving, among other things, strike missions.

IL-76 / © rostec

In the West, they are working on the concept of an aircraft carrier - an UAV carrier. In Russia, they offered their own vision of such a system.

At the head of the concept is the promising reconnaissance and strike UAV "Molniya". “The main idea is that it will be a really air launch. The possibility of basing "Lightning" on the Il-76 is envisaged, "RIA Novosti quotes the words of the general director of the company" Kronstadt "(the developer of the unmanned vehicle) Sergei Bogatikov.

According to him, they also want to use the "Lightning" from the board of the new Russian Checkmate fighter, first shown at the last MAKS. It is pertinent to recall that earlier it was reported about the use of the Su-57 fighter as an aircraft carrier. Inside, the plane will be able to carry more than ten different unmanned aerial vehicles.


Now the preparation of materials is underway that will allow us to participate in the competition for the implementation of the draft design of the unmanned system "Molniya". Real UAVs may differ from the mock-ups shown to the military earlier. According to the modern vision, the complex will be able to solve not only shock and reconnaissance tasks, but also be used for electronic warfare.

In March it became known that Russia is creating a UAV control system, which will receive several levels. It is assumed that the attack unmanned vehicle "Thunder" ‌ will be able to coordinate the actions of ten drones "Lightning", which will be carried by another aircraft.


The "Thunder" itself is also yet to be created. In a real battle, he will be in front of the main aviation group, at a distance of several hundred kilometers. The device must provoke the enemy to open fire, thereby forcing him to unmask his position. After that, the UAV "Lightning" will strike at the air defense positions. Then "conventional" front-line aviation will take over.

"Thunder" ‌ will receive four suspension points, two of which will be under the wing consoles, and the rest - inside the UAV. The device will be able to use heavy strike weapons, in particular the X-38 air-to-surface guided missiles.

The takeoff weight of the vehicle is seven tons. It will be able to deliver a payload weighing 1, 3 tons at a distance of about 800 kilometers. The Thunder's cruising speed is 800 kilometers per hour. The service ceiling is 12 kilometers.

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