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Fun geography
Fun geography

Taumataukatangyangakoauahuotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokanuenuakitanatahu, Ydzhidvozh, Misunderstanding Island, Khokhly, Moskal, town E, Rai village, Happiness town, Equator of White Sausages - the funniest and most unusual geographical names.

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And where is the river in the Moscow region under the dissonant name Voblya and the no less intriguing name of another river (in the Kursk and Belgorod regions) - Ublya, or a mountain range in the Ural Mountains system - Bolshaya Suka (with an emphasis on the last syllable). Where are they all to Taumataukatangyangakoahuotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokanuenuakitanatahu (abbreviated (!) - Taumataukatangyangakoahuahuotamateapokanuenuakitanatahu) - a hill in New Zealand with a height of 305 m (it seems its height is lower than the name).

Even more grandiose is the approximate translation of this terrible word, which sounds like this: "Top of the hill, where Tamatea, a man with large knees who rolled, climbed and swallowed mountains, known as the eater of the earth, played his nose flute for his beloved."

Just imagine an unfortunate New Zealander who decided to invite a girl out on a date at the foot of this hill (and the place is very romantic)! Therefore, the inhabitants of New Zealand call the hill simply - Taumata. Locals, however, argue that the long name has always been used by the Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand). But the people of Wales, who live in a village called Llanweire-Pullgwingillgogherwerndrobbullantisilyogogogh (accent on the last syllable), say that New Zealanders specially invented their Thaumataukatan … (well, you understand) - in order to have a landmark with the world's longest toponym consisting of one word. This is understandable, because it was the name of the Tamatea hill that got into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's longest toponym (in English it consists of 92 letters, in Russian - of 82).


But this name, it seems, intends to break records as the shortest. At least in Russian, the transcription of the name of an ancient city in northern France is written as E, in French - Eu.

The city's name comes from the river on the banks of which it is located. The fact is that in ancient times the Bresl River was called Ou (French Ou), later the name turned into Eu (Rus. E). However, for the convenience of tourists, the E authorities intend to rename the city, since search engines instead of the city give out links to portals of the European Union (EU) or to pages about the grammar of the French language.


Or Ydzhidvozh. This is the name of the river in the Perm Territory of Russia, which is the right tributary of the Chuklya River. The total length of the river is small - only 10 km. The toponym Ydzhydvozh is etymologically related to the words of the Permian Komi language: ydzhid - big, leader - tributary, branch.

Island of Misunderstanding

There is one. And this "misunderstanding" is located in the western part of the Tauiskaya Bay in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The area of ​​the island is small - 4.5 sq. km. If you look at it from the sea, then in terms of relief and color it merges with the mainland, so at one time hydrographers simply did not notice it and it was not on the maps of the beginning of the last century. However, the mistake was soon noticed and corrected. Because of this, the island got its name.



You should not attribute to our publication a dislike for people who are pleasant in all respects - Ukrainians. This is just the name given to a number of villages located in the vastness of our vast homeland.For example, in the Shumikhinsky district of the Kurgan region, in the Novosilsky district of the Orel region, in Palkinsky, Pushkinogorsky and Pskov - Pskov, in the Rudnyansky - Smolensk region.


This ridge is located in the Ural Mountains system. It remains to be hoped that it is not near the Bolshaya Suka ridge. Moreover, from the Bashkir word m? Sk? Ule (where the name comes from) and so is translated as "Witch Mountain".


It is not known for certain whether all 132 of its inhabitants (as of 2007) consider their village in the Smolensk region to be the paradise that all believers are striving for, only its name is exactly that.

This simple name for his estate was invented, apparently, by a not very talented owner of these lands by the name of Alexander Vasilyevich Vonlyarlyarsky. After that the estate grew considerably and became a village.

The action of Natalya Klyuchareva's story "One Year in Paradise" takes place in the village of Rai.


But the name of this city in the Luhansk region, in the light of today's events, can be considered the most real sad irony of history. During the shelling, about a quarter of the infrastructure of the city of Happiness was destroyed. The “lucky people” had a hard time in July 1942: then 26 people were hijacked from Shchastya to work in Germany.

Previously, the city of Happiness was a village, the foundation of which dates back to the end of the 17th century. Fleeing from serfdom, fugitive peasants settled on these free lands. Apparently, then the name Happiness appeared.


Equator of white sausages

And this name for the supposed cultural border between Old Bavaria and the rest of Germany is joking. The equator of white sausages separates the rest of the world from the area of ​​distribution of Munich white sausages, which are considered a "specialty" of Bavarian culture.


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