10 latest military gadgets and technologies

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10 latest military gadgets and technologies
10 latest military gadgets and technologies

We present a selection of the most interesting technologies that will give the army a qualitatively new look in the next 10 years.


Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet for a tanker

In 2013, as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet project was presented, which raised $ 2.4 million.

Recently it became known that the Oculus Rift can be used not only in games. At a military training ground in the small town of Rena (Norway), driver mechanics, while testing the device, operate tanks in virtual reality helmets, which allows them to get a 360-degree view around the car. In the short term, auxiliary information will be superimposed on the image. Thus, it will be possible to avoid the destruction of the machine on the battlefield. In addition, the cost of the Oculus Rift prototype is 50 times less than the existing dedicated video review systems.


"Smart" pistol Armatix iP1

The "smart" pistol caliber 22 iP1, developed by the American company Armatix, was created with the aim of reducing the incidence of theft of weapons, as well as their use in public places. The weapon is supplied with a special watch - radio frequency identification is performed between them. The trigger can only be pulled if there is a watch with an RFID chip at a distance of no more than 35 centimeters from the weapon. When the LED indicator on the pistol turns green, it means that the weapon can be fired. The Armatix iP1 pistol is already available in the US for $ 1399. The watch is not included in this amount and is sold separately - for $ 399.


Flying Car Black Knight Transformer

California-based Advanced Tactics has unveiled a prototype flying machine called the Black Knight Transformer. She not only drives on roads, but with the help of propellers can take off vertically. The vehicle can carry up to 8 people, but it is designed primarily for the delivery of the wounded from the battlefield.

Black Knight Transformer will be able to reach a speed of 370 km / h and hang in the air for 19 hours. A car, whose hull will resemble the hull of a boat, will move not only on land, but also on water.


Iron Man Suit

Last year, the US Army Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster Iron Man, submitted a proposal to develop a concept for the assault gear of the future.

The TALOS exoskeleton is designed to make a soldier stronger, more enduring, faster, stronger and more aware of the enemy. It will not be equipped with artificial intelligence and will not allow flying through the air or swimming underwater. Thus, the basic component of future equipment is an exoskeleton, which will make a soldier stronger and more enduring.

The creation of the prototype will be completed very soon, but the exoskeleton will not go into production until 2018.


XStat will stop bleeding

To combat bleeding, startup RevMedx has developed the Xstat concept. The authors of the project propose to patch wounds on the human body like holes in a rubber tire. A rubber sponge is inserted into the wound with a diameter of slightly more than a centimeter. In 15 seconds, she straightens herself and stops blood loss.


Reconnaissance drone RQ-180

The RQ-180 drone, developed by the American military-industrial company Northrop Grumman, can be in the air during the day. The drone is designed to conduct aerial reconnaissance in the conditions of a developed air defense system and the enemy's air force. The drone is equipped with radar detection technology. The RQ-180 will enter service with the US Air Force next year.


Infrared invisible camouflage

Scientists from the University of California have created a new infrared camouflage coating based on reflectin, a structural protein that allows squid to reflect light and change their color.

Scientists have obtained thin optical films by isolating protein in laboratory conditions. The film, interacting with a certain chemical activator, changes the reflectivity, disappearing in the light of the infrared camera. In the future, researchers intend to create a versatile fabric that can dynamically change color and texture depending on the environment.


Marine Electromagnetic Cannon

The US Navy has created an electromagnetic gun for 10 years, which cost the agency $ 250 million. The prototype of the gun accelerates a 23-kilogram projectile to speeds 7 times the speed of sound, and its range reaches 150 kilometers. The key features of an electromagnetic gun are cheapness and safety. Railgun shells do not require explosives and are 20 times cheaper than conventional shells. Already in 2017, the development will appear on the US Navy ships.

Smart helmet HEaDS-UP

The experimental military helmet HEaDS-UP, created by the American company Revision Military, is aimed at enhancing head protection. For this purpose, the latest materials and an additional flap covering the face and chin have been used. In addition, the helmet's tasks also include reducing brain injury (the helmet acts like a sports boot with air cameras and absorbs strong shocks) and integrating augmented reality functions. HEaDS-UP costs $ 2000.


Pizza with a 3-year shelf life

Recently, American scientists at a Massachusetts military laboratory, commissioned by the US Department of Defense, invented a three-year shelf life pizza that can be stored without a refrigerator.

The main problem that the scientists, who had been developing the product for two years, had to face the fact that the moisture from the tomato paste and cheese soaked the dough over time, creating conditions for the appearance of mold and pathogenic microbes. The researchers dealt with excess moisture by increasing the content of moisture-retaining foods such as sugar, salt and syrup.

Experts have also developed a special metallized packaging for storing pizza - iron inserts were added to the packaging so that the metal absorbs the remaining oxygen in it.


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