Smells that will soon be forgotten

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Smells that will soon be forgotten
Smells that will soon be forgotten

Smells that may disappear: the smell of printing ink, burnt leaves, pistons, chalk.


Printing house

Someone else has not seen Evgeny Grishkovets' play Farewell to Paper? Be sure to take a look. Knowing how to notice the elusive, but obvious, Grishkovets pays tribute to the typewriter and says goodbye to paper - a book, newspaper, photograph, letter, telegram. Say goodbye to you too. Not only with paper, but also with the wonderful smell of ink. He surely will soon sink into oblivion. Today there is only one company left (in the USA) that produces the very same liquid (a mixture of ethanol and isopropane in equal proportions), which smelled of all the new books and textbooks of schoolchildren of the 20th century.


Diesel engine exhaust

It would seem that you will not regret it. But there are nostalgic ones who will tell you that 20 years ago, the smell of morning buses could not be confused with anything. Reducing the sulfur content of diesel fuels and the use of new catalysts have led to the fact that modern diesel fuel began to smell like cat litter.

Polaroid film

This camera, which takes pictures of terrible, but instant, wanted to get, probably, the entire generation of the 1980s. The lucky ones who bought this wonderful device still remember the sweetish smell of fresh film that was taken out of the foil. For children of that generation, it was the smell of photography. Alas, in 2008 Polaroid discontinued fast-developing film.



Those lucky ones from the 1980s can also remember the peculiar smell of markers, the purchase of which was a whole event in its time. And also their smell is rather sharp and peculiar: a mixture of toluene and xylene. Modern kids will not be able to smell it - today they use less fragrant alcohol-based ink in markers.


And this divine smell cannot be compared with anything at all. Well, except that only with the smell of brand new inserts from chewing gum. Few of the children of that generation had a special pistol, so the caps were blown up by hitting them with a stone. The smell of gunpowder and sulfur - isn't that the smell of eighties childhood?


New car

Today, its scent is very different from that of cars 30 years ago. Modern brand new cars smell of synthetic materials, plastics and "chemistry". But in the same 1960, there was at most 10 kg of plastic in the car, so the smell was different.

Burnt leaves

It's autumn, which many associate with the wonderful smell of burnt heaps in the courtyards. But due to air pollution problems, many countries have already banned burning foliage. How this will be regulated, say, in the village, in the forest or in the country is not very clear, and yet this fact is depressing.


Thanks to Google, only grandmothers (not all) use the Yellow Pages directory today. But even five years ago, in order to find the right address and phone number, one had to look through a thick directory that smelled of paper, paint and glue.



The saddest loss for the generation of those who grew up in the USSR and remember the smell of chalk and chalk chips freshly wiped off the board. However, in modern schools they use chalk, but interactive touch boards are already in a hurry to replace it.

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