10 women who visited the ISS

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10 women who visited the ISS
10 women who visited the ISS

Naked Science decided to recall the names of some of the women who visited the International Space Station. The list includes both the newly minted ISS workers Elena Serova and Samantha Cristoforetti, as well as women astronauts of past years, who have secured several interesting records.


The International Space Station is currently visited by members of the crew of the 42nd long-term expedition, which includes two women at once: Elena Serova and Samantha Cristoforetti. They are far from the first female ISS workers - before that, a little more than 10 female astronauts managed to visit the orbital station. Let's take a closer look at these outstanding personalities.

Susan Helms, NASA

It should be noted right away that the leadership in the number of the fair sex who visited the ISS belongs to the United States. So Susan Helms is far from the last American to be included on this list.

Susan Jane Helms is a NASA woman astronaut who has completed 5 space flights. Helms came to the ISS in March 2001 as a flight engineer for the second expedition to the orbital station. She worked there for 167 days. During her flight, Susan completed one spacewalk with a duration of 8 hours 56 minutes.

Among his hobbies, Helms notes running, reading books, hiking and cooking.


Peggy Whitson, NASA

Peggy Annette Whitson is best known for becoming the first female commander of the International Space Station. She performed two space flights to the ISS: the first as a flight engineer for the crew of the 5th main expedition, and the second as the commander of the ISS-16 expedition.

On account of Whitson an impressive number of spacewalks - 6. The total duration of extravehicular activities was 39 hours 44 minutes. In total, she spent 376 days at the orbital station.

Peggy Whitson

I think that the work of an astronaut, an astronaut, does not depend on gender, although women are much more flexible, and this allows them to adapt very well. However, the main thing is how you do your job, not that you are a man or a woman.

Peggy Whitson devotes her free time to windsurfing, motorcycling, basketball and water skiing.


Sunita "Suni" Lin Williams, NASA

He is the female astronaut who holds the largest number of different records. For example, Williams, during her first space flight, set the record for the longest continuous stay of a woman in space flight - 194 days. Sunita also owns the largest number of space walks - 7. In addition, she holds the record among women for the total time spent in open space - 50 hours and 40 minutes. Another merit is that she became the first person to run a marathon in space. For Williams' absentee participation in the Boston Marathon, a special simulator was built on the ISS. Sunita, with bib number 1400, covered a little over 42 km in 4 hours 23 minutes.

For the first time, Suni went to the ISS as part of the 14th long-term crew. She was also included in the next expedition as a flight engineer. In 2012, Williams embarked on her second space flight, becoming ISS-32 flight engineer and ISS-33 commander, thus becoming the second female station commander. The total time she spent in two space flights is 321 days.

Sunita Williams enjoys running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, windsurfing, snowboarding and even archery.


Lee Seo Young, KARI

Lee So Young became the first cosmonaut and at the same time the first female astronaut from South Korea, as well as the second Asian astronaut. Lee Seo Young went to the ISS in 2008, but was not a member of a long-term expedition, but a "space flight participant" as part of the fourteenth Visiting Crew (VC-14).

During her stay at the orbital station, Lee So Young (whose name is spelled in Russian in several variations) conducted 18 scientific experiments for the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

The South Korean has been practicing taekwondo since the age of 12, is a member of her country's Olympic team and holds a PhD in biotechnology.


Nicole Stott, NASA

Nicole Marie Passonno Stott was employed as a flight specialist as part of the ISS-20 and ISS-21 long-term crews.

Stott made her first spacewalk on September 1, 2009. The duration of the extravehicular work was 6 hours 35 minutes.


Tracy Caldwell, NASA

Tracy Ellen Caldwell-Dyson has completed two space missions during her career as an astronaut. She was a flight engineer for the ISS-23 and ISS-24 crews. She stayed at Tracy station from April to September 2010.

Tracey Caldwell's other merits include her proficiency in Russian, as well as in the language of the deaf and dumb. In the “hobbies” column, she once noted sports, hiking, as well as car repair and maintenance.


Katherine Coleman, NASA

American Catherine Grace Coleman was aboard the ISS as a flight engineer as part of the 26-27th expedition to the orbital station.

In addition to diving and gliding, Coleman is also a member of the band Bandella, which also includes Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and American astronaut Stephen Robinson.


Karen Nyberg, NASA

American woman astronaut Karen Lujin Nyberg was a member of the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh long-term missions to the International Space Station. She worked on the ISS as a flight engineer from May to November 2013.

Karen Nyberg is married to NASA astronaut Douglas Hurley. In addition to his direct work, Nyberg is involved in running, sewing, hiking, painting and playing the piano.


Elena Serova, Roscosmos

Test cosmonaut Elena Serova became the first Russian woman after a 17-year hiatus to go on a long space flight. Serova arrived at the International Space Station in September this year with the 41st long-term crew. Thus, Elena became the first representative of our country on the ISS.

The fourth woman in the national cosmonautics in Earth orbit today continues to work on the ISS as a flight engineer. In addition, Serova also maintains her blog, where she talks about interesting experiments on board and answers some questions from her readers.

This flight was the first for Serova, before that she had no experience in space flights. After several days on board the orbital station, Elena announced that she was already getting used to life in zero gravity, which was scheduled literally by the minute. “We regularly play sports and conduct scientific experiments,” Serova writes.

While the astronaut is working in orbit, her husband and daughter are waiting for her on Earth. In one of her interviews, Elena Serova said that in her free time she studies history, archeology and astronomy, and also enjoys swimming and running.


Samantha Cristoforetti, ESA

The third woman astronaut of the European Space Agency, the first woman astronaut from Italy, and now the first Italian woman aboard the ISS - it's all about Samantha Cristoforetti.

Cristoforetti departed for the orbital station as part of the 42/43 long expedition a little less than a week ago. Now the Italian has to work on board the ISS for the next 169 days.During this time, she will conduct experiments at the station, begun by the German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who returned to Earth on November 10.

For Cristoforetti, this flight, as well as for Serova, was his debut. The Italian previously reported that since childhood she dreamed of becoming an astronaut and was gradually moving towards the realization of this dream.

Samantha talks about how she lives on the ISS in her microblog on Twitter. In addition, Cristoforetti maintains a personal page on Google+.


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