Chronic pain has nine different types

Chronic pain has nine different types
Chronic pain has nine different types

American scientists have shown that there are nine different types of chronic pain.


Using computer analysis of patient body pain maps and pain assessments, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) found that chronic pain is classified into nine types. The study involved more than 21,500 people.

“We have found that how a patient reports the distribution of chronic pain throughout the body affects almost every aspect of the pain experience, including what happens after three months,” the authors write in their article in PLOS One.

Patients answered questions about the distribution of pain in the body and its intensity. A subset of participants completed a follow-up pain assessment three months after the initial assessment. The first group was characterized by pain in the abdominal region, in the second, pain was observed in the region of the entire chest and partly in the legs, the third experienced pain in the groin and hips, and the fourth in the region of the neck, forearm, back and hips. The rest reported pain in various parts of the body, including all at once.

Discovered patterns of pain distribution can predict its intensity, quality, effects on physical function, mood, sleep, and indicate the likely consequences for the patient. Thus, the group experiencing lower back pain radiating below the knee had more severe physical functional difficulties than those who experienced neck and shoulder pain or neck, shoulder and lower back pain. These patients stated that they experienced less anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances than some of the other groups.

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