Sputnik-V modified for delta-strain of coronavirus

Sputnik-V modified for delta-strain of coronavirus
Sputnik-V modified for delta-strain of coronavirus

The adapted version of the Russian vaccine is already "in the refrigerator", but when it will appear in circulation (and whether it will appear at all), whether there will be clinical trials, is not specified.

Vaccination in Gostiny Dvor

The developers of the first Russian vaccine against coronavirus, Sputnik-V, have created a special modification of the drug - adapted for the SARS-CoV-2 delta strain. This was announced to Interfax by the head of the National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Academician NF Gamaleya, Alexander Gintsburg.

“There is already a vaccine design in the refrigerator. Everyone began to make a vaccine based on the sequence of the delta strain, and no one can say a priori whether it will be better against the delta strain,”the scientist said. When exactly this version of the vaccine will be released into circulation (and whether it will be done at all), how much it will protect, how they want to check the effectiveness - there is no answer to such questions.

Nevertheless, the danger of the "delta" cannot be ignored, since it is because of this mutation that mortality in Russia from coronavirus infection has soared in recent months, reaching peak values. “Those who have not been vaccinated, their infectious process does not take two to three weeks, as with other options, but four to five days. And our immune system produces antibodies in 10-12-14 days. With other variants of the coronavirus, she managed to do this, and also ingenious resuscitators helped the sick to hold out while the immune system worked. And in the case of the “delta” they do not have time,”summed up Gunzburg.

Back on June 17, when the Indian strain began to spread especially actively around the world, official social networks of Sputnik-V reported that soon Russian developers would offer other vaccine manufacturers a booster dose adapted to work against this variant of the pathogen. Moreover, the next day, in a commentary to Izvestia, Gunzburg noted that the composition of the vaccine due to the "delta" was inappropriate to change, and it would take a long time to create a new drug "under our regulation", while the virus would continue to mutate. Therefore, then he advised to monitor the antibody titers and revaccinate.

Last week, the head of the Russian Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, noted that the effectiveness of the classic version of Sputnik-V against the Indian strain is 83% - higher than that of other vaccines.

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