5 most dangerous places on Earth

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5 most dangerous places on Earth
5 most dangerous places on Earth

If you are a broken-down tourist and crave extreme, we warn you: do not visit at least these places: Mount Washington, the island of Keimada Grande, the Doroua of Death in Bolivia, and the Danakil Desert.


Our beautiful planet is rich in exotic, but disastrous corners - we will tell only about a few of them.


There are many very, very dangerous cities in the world with the highest crime rates. For example, the Mexican millionaire Ciudad Juarez, which in recent years has been called one of the most crime-prone cities on Earth. The mass atrocities of women that shocked the planet in 1993 took place here - 370 girls became victims. What can I say, if even the most beautiful city of "mulattoes in white pants" - Rio de Janeiro or the mecca of world fashion - Paris - punched tourists do not recommend visiting alone, especially for young ladies. But sometimes an entire country can be included in the list of the most dangerous places. The first place, of course, is occupied by the homeland of modern pirates - the East African state of Somalia, which is not a prolonged "bloody abscess" of our planet.

Although it is difficult to call it a state - as such it never took place. The best that the local population has been able to do so far is to create anarchy, crime and starvation. Even to the shores of Somalia, you should not swim too close - well-known Somali pirates are operating here, whose victims every now and then are ships sailing even at a very significant distance from the African horn. The north of the state is in a state of chronic internecine war, and the capital with the romantic name Mogadishu has long been trying to divide among themselves all kinds of clans and criminal groups. Murder, rape, robbery in broad daylight, dismemberment of corpses and complete impunity - this is all Somalia.

In addition to other "state entities" in the federal republic of Somalia, there is also the fiefdom of the so-called Islamic Emirate of Somalia ("Jamaat al-Shabab") - a radical Islamist movement with ties to Al-Qaeda, closely cooperating with the same radical Islamists of the neighboring state Yemen. All this crazy brotherhood controls quite impressive in size territories of the southwest and the center of Somalia.


Keymada Grande or Snake Island

But this, at first glance, absolutely paradise, located in the Atlantic Ocean - just 35 km from the coast of the state of Sao Paulo (Brazil), fortunately, for some time now is closed not only for tourists, but also for visitors in general. Although, of course, if you really want to - maybe they will let you through. Just before that, you will probably have to sign the corresponding paper stating that you do not blame anyone for your untimely death …

Keimada Grande is home to one of the most dangerous snakes in the world - the island botrops. The bite of this creature causes rapid tissue necrosis. And not just necrosis, but a kind of rotting from the site of the bite to the very bones. At the same time, the entire body of a person or animal rots - completely. There is no need to talk about the pains caused by such a process, and the result is always the same - inevitable death. This is understandable, it is not for nothing that the poison of Botrops insularis is considered one of the most terrible on Earth.

They say that once there was a lighthouse on the island, which was served by people, but after one night the snakes climbed into it and bit absolutely everyone - the lighthouse was replaced with an automatic one. The latter works to this day. Since 1985, the Brazilian authorities have taken the island under their protection and declared it a unique nature reserve, which is practically completely untouched by man and is considered the largest natural serpentarium on Earth.

On average, there are one to five deadly poisonous snakes per one square meter of the island, and the branches of the trees are simply hung with vipers. These snakes feed on migratory birds, which, without suspecting anything, land here, sit on branches.

Keimada Grande is the only place on the planet where snakes were able to completely supplant people. The most daring, however, still chose the waters near the island - fishing and diving are common here.


Death road

The North Yungas Road, or, as it is also called, the Road of Destiny or the Road of Death, ranks third on our list and is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is located in Bolivia and runs over an abyss, the average depth of which is about 600 m. The length of the road is almost 70 km, the width of most of it is 3.2 m, the highest point is 3.6 km.

Most often, this road is forced to use trucks and buses, which can be passed here with great difficulty and then only in some places. And in some places the road narrows so much that only one bus can pass along it, and even then, they say, with one wheel hanging over an abyss. Alas, this is the only route connecting the city of Coroico (tropical region of the Amazon) and the capital of Bolivia - La Paz. There is simply no other way.

The already extremely narrow roadway is constantly eroded by tropical downpours, which last here from November to March. The gloomy picture is completed by dense fog, limiting visibility to zero, landslides and clay, stony, slippery, and in some places completely destroyed road surface. The final touch is numerous crosses overgrown with moss, "placed" on the sides of the road, broken trees and rusting "remains", cars that have fallen into the abyss, which never for a minute allow to forget about their mortal existence - neither drivers nor passengers. Prayer remains the only hope.

About 200-300 people die on The North Yungas Road every year. Despite all this, Death Road is one of the favorite tourist routes. True, tourists prefer to ride bicycles on it, rather than buses and cars. But the Road of Fate does not spare anyone - in 1998 alone, 18 cyclists died here.


Mount Washington

The height of Mount Washington in the northeastern United States is only 1,917 meters, and although it is the highest in this region of the United States, this is not its uniqueness. For a long time, Mount Washington held the world record for the wind speed ever recorded on the earth's surface (the wind speed, for example, in a tornado cannot be accurately measured from the ground, therefore it is measured using satellites, therefore the maximum wind speed measured precisely on the earth belonged to Mount Washington). April 1934 turned out to be especially windy - the speed of air masses then reached 372 km / h (103, 3 m / s). Meanwhile, there are weather stations and observatories on the mountain, which, however, are capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 500 km / h. From March to April, the winds blow here on average up to 16 hours out of 24. In addition to windiness, the weather is extremely unstable, with the intersection of winds blowing from different directions. It can also get very cold here. In January 2004, it was -42 ° C with a wind of 39.1 m / s. Under such conditions, the temperature is no longer felt as -42, but as -75 ° C!

Unsurprisingly, the local observatory's motto is "The place with the worst weather in the world." Nevertheless, the local beauty now and then attracts extreme tourists here.


Danakil Desert

This place is also called "Hell on Earth". It is a place of extreme heat (50 ° C) and poisonous gases escaping from the interior of the Earth to the surface. And there is no place to step here because of the volcanoes. But the landscape here is so amazing that you do not leave the feeling that you are on another planet. We can say that this is partly true - there is also little oxygen, a lot of scorching heat, toxic gases and a lake of sulfur.

The fact is that it is here that the huge Arabian tectonic plate breaks, which divides the African plate in two.At the site of the fault, two new "daughter" plates are formed, which scientists have dubbed the Somali and Nubian. In general, the place is restless: frequent earthquakes form sinkholes, erupting volcanoes - on the contrary, a new "earth". Beautiful, dangerous, unusual! But at least it is unhealthy. Having breathed in the vapors escaping from the ground, you can make your life shorter for many years. And in the desert, half-savage Ethiopian tribes are waiting for you, "hardened" by the cruel climate, who are capable of killing anyone for a piece of bread and a few dollars.


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