New Russian ISS module delivered to Baikonur

New Russian ISS module delivered to Baikonur
New Russian ISS module delivered to Baikonur

The "Prichal" junction module was delivered to the cosmodrome. In the fall, he should go to the International Space Station.


The arrival of a new module for the ISS at the Baikonur cosmodrome was reported by TASS. The Prichal was delivered on Monday night. The shipping containers were transported to the territory of the assembly and testing building of the site No. 254.

Soon, specialists will begin unloading ground test equipment and a ship with a module. Then preparations will begin for the start, which, if nothing changes, will take place in November.

They want to dock the new module to the Nauka pressurized adapter. Thanks to Prichal it will be possible to expand the docking capabilities of the station. This also applies to the new Russian manned spacecraft "Eagle", the first flight of which may take place in 2023. The manned launch of the ship is expected in the middle of this decade.

The most significant event for the Russian space industry in recent years has been the long-awaited launch of the new Nauka module to the ISS. Despite all the difficulties, he successfully docked.


Ahead is the integration of the module into the station and the start of work. The operational resource of "Science" was laid down until the end of 2027, however, it is allowed to be extended.

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