The MS-21 airliner was equipped with a composite wing of the Russian design

The MS-21 airliner was equipped with a composite wing of the Russian design
The MS-21 airliner was equipped with a composite wing of the Russian design

A new Russian "black wing" was installed on the MS-21 airliner. Earlier the aircraft of this type, equipped with PD-14 engines, made its first flight.

MS-21 / © UAC

The development program for the new MC-21 airliner is moving forward confidently, although not without delays. According to Vesti, the other day the car was equipped with a Russian composite wing.

“The aircraft has one wing, and it consists of three units: a center section and two consoles. The consoles are manufactured at the AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk plant and are delivered to Irkutsk by road. Before installing the consoles on the aircraft, they underwent a thorough incoming inspection,”said Oleg Korzinnikov, deputy head of the assembly and assembly plant.

When the airframe assembly is completed, systems will begin to be installed on the machine. After that, her check on the ground and the first flight will follow.

They want to launch the first serial MC-21-300 by the end of 2021. The aircraft will be delivered to customers after certification tests are completed. The next year was previously named as the date for the start of serial production of the airliner. The creators hope for interest in the car both domestically and abroad.

Last year the program passed an important stage. For the first time, the first MC-21, equipped with Russian PD-14 engines, took to the skies: earlier, Pratt & Whitney products were used as the basis of the power plant.


MS-21 is a medium-range narrow-body passenger aircraft, which is positioned as a conditional analogue of foreign Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX. The main competitor of the Russian car in the world market is the newest Chinese Comac C919, which is just about to go into production.

The MS-21 airliner is the most important, but not the only significant project in the Russian civil aircraft industry. An even more ambitious task is the development of a wide-body long-range aircraft of the new generation CR929, designed for 250-300 passengers. Russia is working on this project together with China.

According to plans, the first prototype of the car may be ready soon: the assembly of the first sample was planned to begin this year. They can start operating the car around 2030.

A notable feature of the aircraft is the ability to install new Russian by-pass super-high-thrust turbofan engines PD-35.

It is pertinent to recall that this year Rostec assembled the first gas generator of a new Russian engine for the modernized Sukhoi Superjet New. It was developed taking into account the technical solutions previously tested on the PD-14.

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