Top best sniper rifles in the world

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Top best sniper rifles in the world
Top best sniper rifles in the world

Today we have prepared a new top for you. What is the best sniper rifle. Let's remember about such samples as M82, L96, SVD

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CheyTac Intervention (USA)

In the matter of creating sniper weapons, the recognized leaders are the United States. In any case, their products are the most advanced. The CheyTac M200 "Intervention" has become a kind of quintessence of achievements in the field of creating high-precision rifles. Before us is a large-caliber sniper rifle, designed for special cartridges.408 CheyTac and.375 CheyTac. The main purpose of this weapon is to combat manpower at long distances. Like many sniper rifles, the M200 has a manual reload and a sliding bolt action. Such rifles are traditionally considered to be more accurate than automatic and semi-automatic.

A distinctive feature of the M200 is that it is part of the CheyTac LRRS complex. It also includes a ballistic computer to which wind sensors, temperature and atmospheric pressure sensors can be connected. All this makes it possible to effectively hit a target comparable to a human figure at a distance of up to 2 thousand meters. True, the price of the complex cannot be called low: the rifle will cost the buyer 50 thousand euros. Perhaps that is why it is used by a limited number of countries, including Argentina, Jordan, Turkey and Poland. And the complex is quite heavy - without an optical sight, the rifle weighs more than 12 kg. This is slightly less than the weight of the Barrett M82 large-caliber rifle (we'll talk about it later).


M2010 (USA)

Equally technologically advanced is the latest M2010 rifle designed for the US military. In fact, it is the result of a deep modernization of the legendary M24, which has served the American army faithfully since the late 1980s. The rifle inherited the sliding bolt from its progenitor, but switched to the new.300 Winchester Magnum cartridge (the M24, among other things, used the familiar 7, 62).

In comparison with the old cartridge, the new one should provide a 50% increase in the firing range. The base M24, by the way, is also distinguished by good accuracy: the effective firing range of 7.62 × 51 mm cartridges is 800 m. So with the new rifle, a regular US Army sniper will feel even more confident in the mountains or in the desert. True, the increase in the range had to be paid. The recoil has slightly increased in comparison with the standard M24, and in addition, the ammunition has begun to weigh more. Other innovations include a folding stock and improved ergonomics. We add that the rifle has a modern Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20 × 50mm ER / T M5 telescopic sight. So the potential of the modernized M24 is very high.

The advantages of the M2010 are obvious: they are relative lightness (5.5 kg), high accuracy, and accuracy of fire at distances up to 1200 m, as well as mobility and advanced optics. The standard M24 is used by more than a dozen different countries, while the M2010 is still operated only by the American army. In total, in 2011-2015, the military should have received more than 3,500 new complexes. At the same time, the amount of the contract was US $ 28 million.


SVD (USSR / Russia)

The legendary Dragunov sniper rifle is not the most accurate, not the most powerful and not the most convenient. However, due to its low cost and reliability, it has become one of the most massive sniper rifles in the world (if not the most popular in general). An experienced sniper will never choose the SVD as his weapon, but for an inexperienced fighter, it remains the best "Marksman" rifle. Here it is necessary to clarify: in the West, this term is used in relation to high-precision rifles, which are used by infantry snipers, acting not separately, but as part of an infantry unit.Such rifles are often not considered as a full-fledged sniper weapon, but their rate of fire allows you to effectively hit targets at medium and relatively long distances. Thus, we are talking about a kind of "long" arm of the infantry on the battlefield. Like all sorts of modern analogues, the SVD is self-loading.

The PSO-1 SVD optical sight, which has a recognizable reticle, assumes firing at a range of up to 1300 meters, but at such a distance, the accuracy of hitting a single target will be low. So, in this case, you can shoot only at a group of soldiers, or simply fire to suppress. The effective firing range of the SVD is 800 m. The rate of fire (in combat conditions) is 30 rounds per minute. This is a good indicator, although in terms of its characteristics, the Dragunov rifle is already noticeably inferior to such analogues as the M110. Much more expensive and more difficult to learn.


L96A1 (UK)

The Accuracy International L96A1 rifle has become a symbol of sniper weapons. It is distinguished by high accuracy and accuracy of fire, excellent ergonomics and high reliability. It was from this weapon that the longest combat sniper shot in history was fired: the target was hit at a distance of 2475 m.

The rifle has a sliding bolt and can use cartridges of 6, 2, 7, 62 and 8, 6 mm. Such a wide range is made possible by a replaceable stainless steel cold-forged barrel. The effective firing range is 1.5 km. Some cartridges allow using the basic model to stack five shots from a hundred meters in a circle from 11, 6 to 20, 3 mm. I must say that this is a very good indicator. The magazine can hold five or ten rounds in total.

With all this, the rifle has a very reasonable price: it can be purchased for 10-12 thousand dollars. Thanks to this (as well as its high characteristics), it was purchased by dozens of countries, including the UK, where it was actually developed. The lack of worthy domestic samples of sniper weapons also prompted Russia to purchase a batch of L96 for special forces. True, in recent years the situation with Russian sniper weapons has become better: for example, a high-precision ORSIS T-5000 has appeared, which was quite warmly received by experts.


Barrett M82

This large-caliber sniper rifle is a true legend of our time. She has appeared in countless films and computer games, but an uninitiated person could have a misconception about the rifle. In popular culture, it is used as an ordinary sniper weapon, but this is not entirely true, or rather, not at all true. The fact is that the M82 is designed not so much to combat manpower as to destroy unexploded shells, damage light equipment and disable various enemy equipment. As for shooting at live targets, other examples of sniper weapons are much better suited for this.

The M82 uses a powerful NATO 12.7mm round. The rifle is self-loading, the magazine is designed for ten rounds. There are several modifications, one of which has become a very original, bullpup M82A2, designed to destroy helicopters in the air. The design of the M82 also formed the basis for the Objective Sniper Weapon grenade launcher.

The Barrett M82 rifle was purchased by dozens of countries around the world. A small batch went to the Ukrainian Armed Forces: some sources say that it was used during the war in the east of the country.


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