Mowgli children

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Mowgli children
Mowgli children

Mowgli children are Oksana Malaya, Gini, bird boy, John Ssebunya.


Mowgli, or children who were abandoned by their parents and lived, for example, in the forest, have always been known to mankind. At the end of the 18th century, for example, everyone was talking about a certain Victor of Aveyron, who was found in the forest of Saint-Senri-sur-Rance in 1797. He looked about 10 years old, the boy did not speak, and his body was covered with numerous scars, which indicated that he spent at least most of his life in the wild. If you dig even deeper, then you can recall the famous legend of Romulus and Remus - the founders of Rome, who, as you know, were fed by a she-wolf.


Oksana Malaya

The girl was born on November 4, 1983 in the village of Novaya Blagoveshchenka (Kherson region, Ukraine). Despite the fact that quite a lot of documentaries have been filmed about Oksana, it remains unclear to the end whether the girl ever lived separately from people or not. It is known, however, that the child was born into a large family and, probably, initially suffered from developmental disorders. Oksana's parents were alcoholics who left the child unattended, so the girl was placed in an orphanage at an early age. There she "got acquainted" with the local semi-stray dogs. The animals, apparently, treated her much better than her parents and orphanage teachers. Other sources, however, claim that the girl was "friends" with the dogs even when she lived in her parents' family. It is also rumored that the child, like his brothers and sisters, was generally found in a dog kennel. In the end, Oksana ended up in an Odessa boarding school for children with developmental disabilities, where she was taught for a long time to stand on two legs (and not on all fours) and speak a human language, and not bark. Today - already a girl - Oksana Malaya lives in a boarding school for adults, looks after cows and horses, and, of course, communicates with her best friends - dogs.

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John Ssebunya

In 1991, he was discovered in a Ugandan forest by a peasant named Milli, who went to fetch firewood. The boy looked bad, but he did not let himself pull himself together. As it turned out later, the child ran away from home after his father killed his own mother in front of his eyes. Then he was two or three years old. After that, John became a savage. A few years later, when the child learned to speak (fortunately, the boy did not spend much time in the forest, so he had a chance to become like everyone else, unlike many other children who found themselves in a similar situation), he said that in the forest communicated with monkeys, which he fed with nuts and roots. In return, several monkeys took up the education of John, taught him to find food in the forest and climb trees.

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Painfully tragic is the fate of another child, who cannot be called Mowgli "de jure", but whose fate is perhaps even more tragic than the fate of children whose "mom and dad" had at least animals. Gini, a girl who was born on April 18, 1957 in California (USA), did not, in fact, have parents. Rather, they were, but even the horrors of the Inquisition cannot be compared with their cruelty.


When Gini got into the social welfare authorities, the employees thought that she was about six or seven years old, but it immediately turned out that the girl was 12. And she spent almost all these years in a locked room, in conditions of almost complete isolation. Her father put diapers on her and tied her to a highchair. At night, the half-witted sadist fixed the child with a homemade straitjacket and placed it in a metal enclosure. According to various sources, the father isolated his daughter from the rest of the family - mother and older brother - when Jeanie was 14 months old and she was diagnosed with acute pneumonia. The "father" named Clark Wiley fed the girl only infant formula in milk and communicated with her mainly imitating a dog's barking and growling.Every time she tried to speak, he beat her with a stick. According to the recollections of the policeman who later made the arrest of Jeanie's mother and father, the window of the girl's room was draped with foil reflecting sunlight, so it was as dark as in a mine.

At the time of discovery, Gini (this name is the girl's pseudonym, her real name is hidden for ethical reasons) could not say anything except her own name and three terrifying phrases: "Sorry" (Sorry), "Stop!" (Stop it) and "No more!" (No more). Because of the constant beatings, her bones were twisted, so her gait was a little wobbly, and she, like a rabbit, was used to holding her hands at her chest.

Gini never learned to speak (like most Mowgli children, from whom childhood was taken away). In addition to her older brother John, Jeanie had another brother and sister who died under unclear circumstances. The first child, a girl, her father, whom she annoyed with her crying, wrapped him in a blanket and placed in a drawer, the second child, a boy, died at the age of several months, choking on his own saliva.


Without waiting for the trial, Jeanie's father committed suicide, leaving a note that said something like "You didn't understand me," and $ 400 for John.

Bird boy

In 2008, the Russian public was shocked by the story of a Volgograd boy, whose name is unknown. His own mother kept him locked up in a two-room apartment inhabited by many birds. The mother did not raise the child, however, she gave the boy something to eat, and she was very fond of birds, which she bred in her own apartment. Probably, the mother perceived her son as nothing more than the same pet as the birds. She did not communicate with the boy and spent every day, almost without interruption, listening only to the birdsong. The boy had no choice but to listen to them too, and when law enforcement officers found him, in response to their questions, he only "chirped" and flapped "wings." A six-year-old child was sent to a psychological rehabilitation center, and a 31-year-old mother was deprived of parental rights.

Of course, we did not talk about all the known cases of feral children - simply because, unfortunately, there are very, very many of them. Which ones do you know?

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