Heroic children

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Heroic children
Heroic children

Heroic children were born at all times - both during the Great Patriotic War and now. Among them: Anna Frank, Tanya Savicheva, Valya Kotik, Lenya Golikov, Sasha Ershova and many others.

Anne Frank

But let's start with history. Let's make a reservation right away - we cannot cover all the children who have ever shown incredible courage, we will tell only about a few.

Anne Frank

On her 13th birthday, in June 1942, the Jewish girl Anne Frank began keeping her famous diary (Anne Frank's Diary) exposing the horrors of the Third Reich, a bestseller published in many languages ​​of the world and included in the UNESCO World Memory Register.

At first, Anna wrote down in her diary everything that she saw around, only for herself. But later she heard on the radio a speech by the Minister of Education of the Netherlands, who told people that it is worth keeping all documents, photographs, diaries - everything that would serve as proof of Nazi crimes in the future. After that, the girl turned her diary into a real documentary novel, describing in detail the nightmares that she, her family, relatives and friends faced every day.

Entry dated November 19, 1942:

“The Germans ring every door and ask if there are Jews in the house … In the evening, when it's dark, I see columns of people with crying children. They walk and walk, showered with blows and kicks that almost knock them off their feet. There was no one left - old people, babies, pregnant women, the sick - all set off on this deadly campaign. "

For the sake of safety, Anna gave fictitious names to all the heroes of the diary, including herself. Until 1944, the Frank family hid from the Nazis in a shelter, but after a denunciation, the whole family was arrested and sent to concentration camps. All children who were not yet 15 years old were sent to the gas chambers by the Nazis. Anna at that time was just 15 years old, so she escaped this fate. She, like her entire family, except for her father, died in Nazi dungeons. The exact date of the girl's death is unknown.


Tanya Savicheva

Other children kept similar diaries during the German occupation and the Great Patriotic War. Among them is the Soviet schoolgirl Tanya Savicheva, who lived in besieged Leningrad with her family. Tanya's diary was much shorter than Anne Frank's diary, it consisted of only nine pages, on six of which the 11-year-old child simply wrote down the dates of death of his closest people - mother, grandmother, sister, brother, two uncles. Tanya herself waited for the evacuation, but almost immediately died from the effects of exhaustion.


Boys-kibalchis: Valya Kotik

The title of the youngest Hero of the Soviet Union belongs to Valya Kotik. When the Great Patriotic War began, Valya went to the 6th grade. But in the fall, together with his classmates, he managed to kill the head of the field gendarmerie - the boys threw a grenade into his car. Already in 1942, Valya became a partisan, and then took part in battles. The boy managed to survive two wounds, and, despite this, already in 1943, having discovered a telephone cable underground, he blew it up. As a result, the connection between the Germans and Hitler's headquarters was interrupted. Valentin also took part in blowing up six trains, as well as a warehouse. In 1943, when he was on patrol, he managed to notice the punishers, killed the officer and raised the alarm, as a result the partisans were able to repulse the Nazis. In 1944, Valya was mortally wounded in battle, and the very next day - February 17 - he died. He was 14 years old. In 1958, Vale Kotik was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.


Lenya Golikov

Despite the fact that by the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the son of a Novgorod worker, Lena Golikov, was already 15 years old, he nevertheless entered the so-called list of pioneer heroes.

The first feat of Leonid was to blow up a car in which Major General of the German Engineering Troops Richard von Wirtz was traveling. However, he did not kill the general, but only wounded him, but he managed to grab a briefcase with important papers, among which were drawings of the latest fascist mines, inspection reports to the command and other valuable documents.

In total, Lenya destroyed: 78 Germans, 2 railway bridges and 12 highways, two food and fodder depots and ten vehicles with ammunition. Lenya Golikov was among those who, risking their lives, transported food on the ice of Lake Ladoga to besieged Leningrad. The guy died in an unequal battle in January 1943.

He was awarded the Order of Lenin, medals "For Courage" and "Partisan of the Patriotic War II degree", the Order of the Patriotic War I degree, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Alas, we cannot mention here all the pioneer heroes who gave their lives in the name of Victory. Among them were: Marat Kazei (at the time of death - 14 years old), Volodya Dubinin (at the time of death - 14 years old), Zina Portnova (at the time of death - 17 years old), Sasha Chekalin (at the time of death - 16 years old) and a few more dozens of children and adolescents.


Heroes Today: Charlie Simpson

Fortunately, millions of modern children around the world have never "seen hand-to-hand combat" - neither in reality, nor in a dream. Therefore, as a rule, they can show their heroism only in everyday life - in the small tragedies of specific families. But this does not make their exploits less courageous and amazing.

However, Londoner Charlie Simpson showed himself as a real hero just not in an everyday situation - in 2010, a 7-year-old boy managed to raise 50 thousand pounds (more than 80 thousand dollars) sterling in order to send them to help those who suffered from the earthquake in Haiti. The idea to raise money, according to his parents, came to the boy after he watched a story about the disaster in Haiti. In order to raise funds, the boy decided to simply ride a bike through one of the parks in London. On his bike, he affixed a sign that read: “My name is Charlie Simpson, I am raising money to help people who lost their homes after the earthquake in Haiti. This money will be used to buy food, water and tents. " The boy planned to collect only 500 pounds, but the townspeople vacationing in the park put eight times more in his basket. Not only that, the idea of ​​little Charlie caught the attention of the general public, and the money continued to flow after the boy's bike ride - through the JustGiving website. Of course, all the proceeds, Charlie, as promised, sent to help the victims in Haiti.


In January of this year, the All-Russian public and state initiative "Warm Heart" was launched. The idea is to find all the children who have ever done heroic and courageous deeds. And although the collection of information should have been completed in February, according to its results, two books should be published - the first with the names of young heroes, and the second - a book in memory of "hot hearts" - those children who died saving someone else's life

Sasha Ershova

Of course, the real deeds that our children perform are not so rare, and, unfortunately, we cannot mention all of them. The list will be completed by an 8-year-old girl from Tver Sasha Ershova.

It was she who, during the infamous collapse of the Transvaal Park in Tver in 2004, held a 3-year-old baby completely unfamiliar to her for more than an hour above the water (as it turned out later, the child's name was Masha). Sasha was so afraid to drop the baby that she did not feel that she was holding her with her own broken hand. In addition to a broken arm, Sasha also suffered a concussion. Very soon the whole country learned about Sasha. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on awarding the girl with a medal "For the rescue of the dead", she was presented with memorable gifts, a ticket to the Black Sea, and then invited to Moscow - to present the honorary badge of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

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