10 circles of hell for iPhone 6S

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10 circles of hell for iPhone 6S
10 circles of hell for iPhone 6S

10 craziest iPhone 6S crash tests

broken iPhone 6S

Last year we presented to your attention the material "10 circles of hell for the iPhone 6", where the last "apple" smartphone at that time was subjected to all sorts of tests - from quite adequate to those bordering on sheer delirium. In particular, they walked over it with a tank, they buried it for a day in a snowdrift, boiled it in cola and even ironed it.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and most importantly, the Cupertino company introduced the world to a new generation of iPhone. However, less than two months later, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus followed the path of their predecessors and also became the heroes of a number of extraordinary drop tests. We bring to your attention ten of the most interesting of them. The authors of the videos are users of the TechRax and FullMag channels on the Youtube video hosting.

Cook it immediately

One of the most classic and humane tests that most newfangled smartphones undergo is immersion in boiling water. TechRax is a real ace in this business: several gadgets on the iOS and Android operating systems have already finished in his kitchen utensils.

Last year's new product from Apple - the iPhone 6 - crashed after about 10 seconds of cooking and went into another world after the second session of immersion in boiling water. The brainchild of the "apple" company of the sample of 2015 has significantly added in this component. What is significant there, it would be more appropriate to say discouragingly: the iPhone 6s hardly suffered from repeated immersions in boiling water (Spoiler: Even after spending 5 minutes there!).

The author of the video first cooked the device, then cooled it in the freezer, and the smartphone did not even blink in response to this. The iPhone 6s looked as good as new every time it was turned on, although it is worth noting that it still did not manage to avoid some of the metamorphoses associated with the display. In the end, TechRax dropped his hands and noted that this smartphone cannot be taken by cooking.


A minute of lava

If the iPhone 6s managed to cope with boiling water with a bang, then the rendezvous with lava turned out to be extremely dramatic for him. The smartphone could not stand being buried under the viscous melt of rocks: it caught fire, "parted at the seams" and silently retired to another world.

Takeaway: Don't drop your iPhone 6S into hot lava.



Most of you probably know how bromine interacts with aluminum. This spectacle, even in laboratory conditions, looks extremely impressive, and all thanks to the brown bromine vapor abundantly coming out of the test tube hole. But what if the iPhone 6S wedges into this chemical duo? Will he suffer as a result of this interaction? It seems that you yourself know the answer to this question.

Note: It is better not to repeat this at home. And the point here is not only that you run the risk of being left without a phone, but also in the immediate danger of this action.


Where there is liquid nitrogen, there is a hammer

It is impossible to dip something into liquid nitrogen, and then not try to smash it with a percussion instrument. The iPhone 6S is no exception, which the author of the next video first froze in a bath with liquid nitrogen, and then walked over it with a sledgehammer. After the impact, the smartphone naturally stopped working, but it is worth noting that its rear panel remained in relatively good condition, and the Apple logo shone the same way as before the "experiment".


Shooting to kill

Last year, the sixth generation of iPhones quickly fell into disrepute as flimsy devices. The point was that they were bent. They even bent just being in the pocket of their jeans, which eventually resulted in a whole storm of indignation among users of Apple smartphones.

Having calmly listened to all these complaints, the Cupertino company has taken several steps to strengthen the iPhone case. However, this was not enough for the new flagship to withstand with dignity a meeting with a bullet fired from a 50-caliber rifle. Who would have survived?

P.S. After such videos, it is no longer clear whether the bullet is a fool or the author of the video who sent another brand new iPhone 6S to the next world.



The video blogger from the FullMag YouTube channel did not limit himself to shooting the iPhone 6S with a rifle and used a bow and arrow. Armed with not just a homemade bow, but a blocky hunting Bear Archery Method, the author of the video fired three arrows. The first arrow slightly knocked the screen of the smartphone, the second pierced it right through, and the third tore out the Home button by the roots.


I twist and twist, I want to break

The next iPhone 6S drop test shocked us with its uniqueness. We have seen shootings, dipping in liquids and other similar "experiments" many times, but shaking a smartphone in a tin can using a vibrating paint mixer is something new. By the way, Apple's flagship passed this test perfectly.


Under the wheels of a Ferrari

The torment of the iPhone 6s continues. Now it's time to take a smartphone ride in a Ferrari 458 Italia. Getting under the wheels of such a supercar is not at all ashamed (this is not a trolleybus for you), and for the iPhone 6s, it turns out to be also painless. The body of the smartphone showed incredible endurance after meeting the two wheels of a racing car. Only the main camera of the device was damaged.


Doesn't it hurt to fall?

Something, and the next crash test is familiar to each of us firsthand. Our phones with enviable consistency fall, fall out or deliberately fly against the wall. As a result of such clashes, only the fittest survive.

In the next video, the author of the TechRax channel decided to compare which of the new versions of the iPhone is more durable - 6S or 6S Plus. In general, the devices showed the same performance. Quite ambiguous and alarming indicators.


Serial Killer Pack

Rounding out our top is the most "unbalanced" experiment with the iPhone 6s.

The video below resembles a horror movie in its plot. Everything, as befits such films, begins extremely cheerfully, but it lasts until a maniac appears on the horizon with a knife (and in our case also a hammer) in his hands and interrupts all the victims to one.

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