Unusual musical instruments

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Unusual musical instruments
Unusual musical instruments

The most unusual musical instruments are the expopetarra, the zeusophone, the cat's piano, the singing tree.


Playing on cats

For the first time, the French writer Jean-Baptiste Veckerlin told the world about the cat's piano in his book “Musiziana. Excerpts from an essay on rare or strange inventions "in 1887:" The most curious was the carriage, which played the strangest music imaginable. It contained a bear playing the organ; instead of pipes, there were 16 cat heads, each connected to its body, the tails sticking out and were held like piano strings - if you pressed a key on the keyboard, the corresponding tail was tugged strongly, and the cat meowed pitifully each time. The historian Juan Cristobal Calvete de Estrella noted that the cats were organized properly, successively, in octaves."

Later, this literally and figuratively "brutal" instrument was widely covered in art and literature. A cat's piano and similar instruments ("pig" or a piano in which live people were used instead of animals) are mentioned in the novel by the Belgian writer Charles de Coster "The Legend of Thiel Ulenspiegel and Lamm Gudzak, their adventures - funny, brave and glorious in Flanders and others. countries ", in the film by Terry Gilliam" The Adventures of Baron Munchausen "(1988), in the film" The Libertine "by Gabriel Aguyon (2000), and others.



A hybrid of a guitar and a rifle (from the Spanish words escopeta - "rifle" and guitarra - "guitar"). This strange instrument was created in 2003 by Colombian activist Cesar Dopes. This thought was prompted by the terrorist attack on the El Nogal Club, which took place in the capital of Colombia, Bogota, when he noticed a soldier with a gun that looked like a guitar. The first escopetarra was made from a Winchester rifle and a Stratocaster electric guitar. From now on, the rifle guitar is considered a symbol of peace. One of the first five escopetarras made by Lopez is kept at UN headquarters.


Dog waltz

Although it would be more correct to call the musical group Caninus dog vocals. The deathgrind band was formed by the guitarist of another band - Most Precious Blood ("Holy Communion", "Lord's Supper") Justin Brennan. The members of the Caninus group are Justin himself, a certain Rachel Rosen, drummer Colin Thundercurry and … pit bull terriers Badji and Basil, who perform the vocals. Alas, in January 2011, one of the pit bulls - Basil - died of a brain tumor. It is not known whether the rest of the band members are continuing their endeavors.


Ever since Nikola Tesla invented his famous coil in 1891, except perhaps the lazy one has not seen it. For example, it is often used in horror films to create special effects. But in 2007, unknown inventors found the Tesla coil even more original application, creating a musical instrument with the characteristic name "Zeusophone" on the basis of low-voltage high-frequency coils. With its help, you can give a whimsical "electric" sound to even the most shabby melody. They even say that anyone can buy a Zeusophone in specialized stores.


The music of wind

You can listen to it on one of the hills of Lancashire, in the north-west of England. The famous musical sculpture called "The Singing Tree" was created by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu. The structure is a structure of iron pipes of various diameters and lengths folded in a spiral. When the wind blows, the "tree" makes a faint and rather pleasant sound that can be heard at a great distance.

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